Essay: Immigrant Experience in America

Essay: Immigrant Experience in America
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Early Afghan migrants in America belonged to an elite social class, extremely learned, and professionally skilled. In 1930 and 1940, most of them single handedly or with their families. Some of them migrated to America and married Europeans. Citizenship was given to almost 230 immigrants during 1953 through 1970. However, this number of Afghan immigrants does not include those who came to study in America, or came to visit America for miscellaneous reasons. Owing to political insecurities in Afghanistan more refugees were accepted by America till 1977 and the number rose to 630 (Fitzgerald, Gould & Wali, 2009). As mentioned by the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service, thousands of Afghan refugees were alienated by Americans.

A huge number of Afghan refugees started to arrive in America during 1980 at the time the Soviet was being invaded. Some were legitimately elected as refugees, while others were given political refuge. Notably, most numerous Afghans began to step in to America as refugees especially in 1980s. Many have arrived due to uniting with their families since 1989. In that case, a visa is dependent on the readiness of family members or an association to promise their support for a specific period of time (Erlanger, 1997). This procedure unavoidably leads to migrant groups settling near one another. Even though it was evident that the first Afghan refugees were skilled and educated people, the later bunch was less educated, and, since they were not here for further education, it was evidently not possible for them to learn English.

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