Essay: Immigration Policies of US

Essay: Immigration Policies of US
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Since the beginning of the 20th century, immigration policies have continued to shift over the years along the U.S.-Mexico border. Fluctuating U.S. immigration policies adopted a “revolving door” approach after the economic recession in 1920-1922, and this strategy would reverberate through immigration policy for many years to come. The revolving door allowed immigrants to enter the country to increase the labor force during certain time periods when they were most needed, followed by a period of deportation once the labor force was no longer required. During the same time period, the U.S. Border Patrol was formed to enforce these policies.

Acuña’s overarching goal is to document and analyze the impacts of the Mexico borderland fence. At the same time he also views the perceptions of local residents, ethnic landscapes, crime rates, and human rights. We begin with a historical overview of the fluctuating and increasingly rigid policies related to the migration and settlement of Latino immigrants in the United States. The introductory section is followed by a description of the community, the primary site of our research. Findings from this book can used to help unravel both inside and outside discourses. This would include both community and the border and provides a local context for understanding the larger-scale political, cultural, and socioeconomic impacts of the fence on both sides of the border. Acuña then turns our attention to a discussion of some of the misperceptions about the fence in terms of its affect (or not) on crime rates, the flow of undocumented immigrants.

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