Essay: The Impact of Attachment Types and Parenting Styles

Essay: The Impact of Attachment Types and Parenting Styles
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Two of the most important psychological concepts that have gained prominence in the contemporary age are those of social development and self concept, especially in the case of children. Social development refers to the psychological and emotional development (as deduced from the assigned readings) of individuals and is a very significant issue in the development of a child from an infant to a mature adult. Self concept is basically the perception of an individual about him or herself (Encyclopedia of Psychology, 2009). For a child to develop into a responsible citizen, I believe the social developmental process and the self concept are very important factors.

The social development and self concept of children are influenced by various factors as attachment types and parenting styles. According to a research by Ainsworth, et al, (1978), there are three types of attachment in infants, namely secure, avoidant and ambivalent infants. Hazan & Shaver (1987) stated that secure infants had the longest and most satisfying relationships from the three groups, whereas avoidant and ambivalent types had very few or unsatisfying relationships later in life (cited in Eagan, 2004).

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