Essay: Impact of Technology on Strategic Management

Essay: Impact of Technology on Strategic Management
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Information Sharing Within and Outside the Organization

The importance of efficient and effective communication between employees and management cannot be ruled out in the today’s organizational context. A robust communication infrastructure is very necessary for the proper function of management and to gain competitive advantage of the organization (Gower, 1997). Modern day computer systems and channels are becoming more and more powerful in their ability to compute and transmit data over the network, which helps the organizations to exchange information within and outside its boundaries in real time (Gower, 1997).

Many new channels of communication like emails, telephone. Voice mail, fax and video conferencing etc have become the necessity of today’s business to continue its operations (Gower, 1997). With the advent of Electronic data inter change (EDI), extensible markup language (XML) and hypertext markup language (HTML), the process of exchanging information between organization become very fast, accurate, efficient and real time (Lacovou & Dexter, 2009). This technology made it possible to create virtual and cross functional teams working on common projects by sitting in the different parts of the world. Each one of these channels of communication has their own list of strength and weaknesses but as a whole the process of communication has improved significantly (Gower, 1997). This enabled the post modern organizations to establish huge databases on which decision support system (DSS) software run to retrieve information and important trends, for making more informed and intelligent managerial decisions (Lyytinen, 2006). All these tools enabled the managers to achieve competitive advantage over their rivals by promoting innovation, creativity, knowledge management and customer loyalty (Iacono & Kling, 1998). The role of internet, especially after the emergence of World Wide Web (WWW) browser and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems in connecting the organization with its suppliers and customers, is of immense importance because it offers many economic and strategic advantages to the companies (Iacono & Kling, 1998). These systems are more efficient and effective than that of conventional mail delivery systems both in terms of cost and time (Rao & DosSantos, 1998). Through the systematic processing of information available to an organization from its environment and innovation, it can impede its competitors from imitations their business models and gain sustainable competitive advantage (Olsen, 2009). The impact of communication technologies at the operations level emerged in the shapes of computer aided designs (CAD), flexible manufacturing system (FMS), and computer integrated manufacturing (Gehani, 1998).

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