Essay: Impact of Social networking

Essay: Impact of Social networking
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What however truly illustrates the difference between such synthetic forms of socializing and the actual meeting is the trend that society is going through. As we look around, we see the social networks becoming an increasing part of our lives and its abuse increasing steadily.

The potential ease with which identities can be faked and “improved” provides for a room for exploitation and friendships created on the basis of what one reads on a profile. It does not create meaningful connections and devalues many aspects that were once held important in human society. If a person does not know well one’s neighbors, it puts significant doubt on his or her capacity to form a connection with those sitting miles away on a workstation. This futility is dealt with to some extent in business networking services such as LinkedIn which is the one benefit social networks can be said to provide in terms of increasing socialization. These types of service functions act as a divide between a person’s colleagues and his or her friends and simultaneously allow the individual to communicate with both at the same time.  They also highlight the importance of friendship and friends and keeping in touch with them through these channels.

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