Essay: Other Impacts of computer technology

Essay: Other Impacts of computer technology
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The application of computer technology has generated pretty good effects on the mankind. Child immunization rate has increased, previously it was 75% and currently it has reached to 95% now. Acute admissions have reduced to an extent that previously it was 9% and currently it has reached to almost 0%.  Quality patient care uses a solemn approach of secure message transfer process (Hacker, 2008)

Researchers have concluded that there are three hurdles in the way of designing measures for controlling the cost of healthcare. The reasons for higher charges in medical treatments today are the usage of new technologies. Healthcare charges have been reduced in many cultures with growing medical technology but an overall result depicts an increase on certain maintainable levels. Managed care plans shares the cure highly as the technological progress continues to take costs higher; this would constrain the healthcare cost growth. To control costs it would be suggested to nationalize the systems rather than decentralizing them. This would alter the growth process in such a way as any historical relationship reverses between the healthcare cost growth and medical technology. No one would ration care which will let people in getting out of the problem. Use of better technology can be promoted in this way only but it is difficult to make it happen (University of Michigan, 1998).

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