Essay: Implementation in the Music Industry

Essay: Implementation in the Music Industry
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Since it is widely recognized that excessive noise is a byproduct of workplaces within the music industry, the administration of such protection programs becomes ever more important in this industry than in any other. Several strategies and guidelines are provided in the cases of live shows and productions in order to prevent employees from experiencing hearing loss due to the performances.

The use of methods such as using the layout of a room to increase noise loss, the use of personal hearing protectors and standard exposure levels for employees to prevent hearing loss are detailed (Workplace Health and Safety, 1998). The code of practice also details all of the individuals who are affected by these activities and provides details for administrative guidelines towards the educational levels of the employees hired and the duties of the employer and employees towards maintenance of noise at various events. The methods which are used in workplaces shown above are also detailed (Worksafe Western Australian Commission , 2003). Studies have shown that indifferent attitudes on the part of consumers and music professionals, as well as employees make such programs for intervention difficult if not impossible (Reid, 2005).

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