Essay: Implementation of Groupware

Essay: Implementation of Groupware
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Another consideration that organization should make before implementation of groupware is their difference in setup and ease of use. Different collaboration software has different setup complexity and may require training of employees as well to effectively implement a groupware. For example, the installation and setup of RemoteWare take a lot of time because it requires a number of things to be configured properly. However, once configured, it takes minimal time to maintain.

Another collaboration software Open Mind, on the other hand, is very simple to setup and has a very short learning time, which means that the user is able to familiarize himself with its advanced features within a short period of time. Others groupware may require long hours of dedicated training which might not only affect the productivity of the employees but may also take away the interest of the employees. However, by assessing the IT literacy, choice of Groupware according to organizational needs and the capabilities of employees and properly designed training, these problems can be overcome (Strom, 1995).

One of the biggest reasons for Groupware project failure is when organizations try to use them to replace people and only to improve productivity.  For this reason, in many of the implementations of Groupware, it has been noted that employees feel threatened and insecure with the thought of a computer program replacing their functions. Hence it is important for an organization going forward with a Groupware implementation project to ensure its employees that the groupware is implemented only to help and support them in their activities as the failure to do so may result in employees resisting any such effort in any way they can. And this works both ways. Groupware can only be successful if the employees are willing to use it and if they feel that the organization supports them. Another reason for resistance from employees can be the change that the implementation of Groupware brings in.  In a typical working environment, people are comfortable with doing things that they do on regular basis and anything that changes the equilibrium disrupts their normal ways of performing their tasks and they don’t like it because of the doubts that it generates about their job. Hence managing this change is very important in any Groupware implementation project. For this, organizations should make efforts to make themselves aware of the concerns of the people who would be affected by it as well as address them. The organizations should also prepare people for the changes that the groupware will bring.

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