Essay: Implementation of the Filter on the Internet

Essay: Implementation of the Filter on the Internet
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While the Australian government is trying hard to protect it, citizens, there are other important facts which contradict its own efforts. For example, the implementation of the filter will cost millions of dollars in taxes. Yet, the Government’s own studies have shown in the past, that educating people is a much more effective way to combat the threats on the Internet, and that “content risks” are less dangerous than other risks (Ramadge, 2008). Furthermore, efforts of previous government, to filter content, failed partly because of technical issues but the major reason was that Australian parents were not much interested (Ensbey, 2009). Even now, there is not much support for it in Australia even from child-protection agencies (No Clean Feed Website, 2009).

On the world scale, though content filtering is used by some countries as a tool to maintain regime and deflate any opposition, content filtering or blocking becomes critical when it comes to issues which are vital to maintaining the identity and sovereignty of any country. In that case, the use of filtering by governments is justified to some extent. However, as mentioned in the lines above, filtering may also block access to those websites which are not threatening at all and deny people their right to access information. It then becomes an international responsibility to define a mechanism and standard for countries to follow. Regarding the Australian firewall, a large part of the Australian population has voiced its concern about it validity and cost while IT experts believe that it will be very difficult to implement. (Cheng, 2008) With so much against it, it would be wiser for the Australian government to implement a more effective education and awareness program for all ages and leave the filtering part to the parents.

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