Essay: Importance of Communication

Essay: Importance of Communication
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Communication is an important fact of human existence. Only recently has this facet of our collective and individual personalities been the subject of structured, scientific investigation. This entails studying the formation, growth, decline and ultimate assimilation of various accents, dialects and language forms. It also involves studying the socio cultural context of variation in dialects, accents and languages.

This science is referred to as Sociolinguistics. The fact that languages change cannot be disputed. This change in language over a long period of time spread across different geographies leads to variation in languages spoken across different areas. The roots of sociolinguistics can be traced back to fields of dialectology and philology. Dialectology is concerned with language variation based on geography. It is also concerned with the divergence of dialects from a common ancestor. Dialectologists study language features that vary with geographical regions and thus are concerned with local as well as immigrant populations living in a particular area.

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