Essay: Importance of CSR

Essay: Importance of CSR
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The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM 2007) stressed the importance of CSR in shaping marketing agenda. Through CSR, a company’s agenda can be focused on the ‘business’ of business, the need to focus on sustainability issues, and the role that marketers play in making their organizations more sustainable. So when it comes to CSR, it is also important to put an emphasis on marketing ethics so to prevent damage to corporate reputation and to protect market share (CIM 2010).

But in order to bolster a company’s profitability and sustainability, the organization has to plan its strategy by focusing on the different areas of marketing mix (CIM 2009).

In a study conducted by Morsing and Schultz (2006, pp. 329) concerning the influence of CSR on marketing communication strategy, it was found that most people believe that private companies and businesses should admit a wider responsibility that goes beyond core stakeholders such as consumer and employees. The study also shows that the public is concerned about the way companies should deliver or communicate their social responsibility and aspirations.

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