Essay: Importance of Food Served to the Children in School

Essay: Importance of Food Served to the Children in School
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The children are presented with unhealthy food choices in elementary and high school which results in dire consequences in the future regarding the health of the children. The question of food served to the children is important as the number of children fall ill every week in the schools of the U.S., in addition in 2003 a ‘small, rural Washington School’ was charged to pay money to the ‘families of 11 children who became sick after under-cooked taco meat was served in an elementary school cafeteria’ (Cook, 2003, p.10).

Moreover the increase in ‘obesity’ has also been a serious issue not only for the parents but also for the nutritionists who were reported of the provision of ‘35percent of calories from fat’ in the food of cafeteria although they were to be limited to ‘30 percent’ only (Kennedy & Quick, 2003). Obesity is also a prominent result of eating at schools from the cafeterias despite the fact that it is not considered a major concern among the children themselves. Moreover the food at schools serves to increase obesity among young children. The junk food and things like ‘chips, sodas, ice cream, burgers, and pizza’ which fail to ‘meet nutritional standards’ (Kennedy & Quick, 2003). Not only the junk food but vegetables can also prove poisonous for the children as it was reported that many ‘fruits and vegetables sold in the United States contain one or more pesticides’ and as a result these pesticides are able to enter the bodies of the children and make them ill (Pendick & Raloff, 1993, p.4).

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