Essay: The Importance of HPV Vaccinations

Essay: The Importance of HPV Vaccinations
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These factors show me that even though there may be vaccinations available to counteract the disease in both males and females along with tests to show the presence of the disease. The primary focus of these tests is towards the identification and prevention of the disease in women rather than men. While this is understandable due to its detrimental effects nonetheless the fact that men can be such effective carriers of the disease necessitates that research be done to diagnose and counteract the virus especially of the high risk sub type in men as well.

To summarize the Human Papilloma virus despite its relatively low presence in the public consciousness is a terrifying disease which must be guarded against especially by women. The importance of HPV vaccinations especially when considering multiple sex partners is thus completely warranted and future treatments towards curing this virus are sorely needed due to its widespread prevalence and cancer causing characteristics. However, the focus on women as the primary patient to be treated can only be detrimental to the species as a whole. The male carrier state is an equally dangerous factor which must also be taken into account if this disease is ever to be stopped. As always though scientific research as well as public opinion will lead the way in this matter.

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