Essay: Importance of System Designers and Software Engineers

Essay: Importance of System Designers and Software Engineers
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System Designers and Software Engineers are important for us because they are responsible for various systems that we use in our life to make them more efficient. The System Designers are important for any system that will be developed as they are responsible for accurately identifying the information, processes and other resources critical for the system to function. They are specialized people who are able to gain an excellent understanding of the system which will be replaced by the new one and have the knowledge of tools and techniques to ensure a stable system design. Software Engineers not only ensure a stable system design but also ensure that the system is implemented on a suitable stable platform. They also ensure that the developed or implemented system is free from glitches and errors by putting it through rigorous testing. After the system is operational, the Software Engineers are also responsible for its maintenance, updating the system to remove further glitches and upgrading it to make it more efficient with the use of new technologies (Pressman, 2005).

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