Essay: Importance of System i5 Architecture

Essay: Importance of System i5 Architecture
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In today’s world, businesses demand system which is faster, flexible, and cost-effective and provides minimum disruption to the system. And the IBM i5 server provides all this, by implementing technology neutral architecture which is flexible, economical, and powerful and allows for tremendous growth using the same system. The flexibility of this architecture is in TIMI (Technology Independent Machine Interface), a service layer between the software and the actual hardware, which allows for complete change of the underlying hardware with minimum disruption to a system and worry about hardware or processor drivers.

The i5 architecture also implements Hypervisor, a feature which allows the i5 system to run multiple operating systems without any additional investment. The architecture of System i5 server also allows for flexibility in the performance of the system. The server has a bus-based architecture on which cards with microprocessors are added to enhance performance and has a POWER5 distributed switch that provides very high bandwidth between processors, cache, memory and I/O allowing for minimum delay and queuing. The i5 architecture also supports Single Multithreading (SMT) technology as compared to Hardware Multithreading (HMT) of other architectures which use the process switching method. This allows for instructions from two threads to be issued simultaneously to processors in a single cycle, resulting in up to 25% increase commercial applications performance. It offers IT resource management simplification through the use of virtualization and Storage-on-Demand feature to allow businesses to deal with sporadic peak demands. An i5 system can guarantees an uptime of 99.94% for critical applications and data, by clustering and use of RAID technology for data redundancy. The architecture of System i5 servers combines together best feature from previous families of IBM servers and bring forwards new features which offer excellent scalability and value for money to cater the needs of businesses today.  Together with all these features, it is rightly considered to be the fundamental strength of IBM System I Series (Bresenham, McClymont, Powers, Reinhardt & Watson, 2006).

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