Essay: Importance of work life balance issue

Essay: Importance of work life balance issue
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WLB has appeared as a very crucial issue for the human resource (HR) department of many organizations in the recent years. Now, the HR people in many companies are trying to make policies which are helpful to maintain balance between work and life of employees in order to increase the rate of retention of valuable human resource (Lewis & Cooper, 1995). It is now widely recommended that organizations should take care of the changing role of people like working of both the husband and wife to meet their day to day expenses, and make the necessary changes in doing their business. It is also in the benefit of organizations to make their work environment more flexible so that employees feel comfortable and stay loyal to their employer.

In the long run, this will increase the morale and commitments of employees which not only help to decrease the level of stress from the workforce but also improve the retention rate of talent personals (Cappelli, 2000). Because of the rising importance of WLB, employees are now considered very important stake holders in the affairs of business, so it is the responsibility of the organization to properly take care of their needs and endeavor to satisfy them.

Recently, there is significant improvement in the level of awareness of organizations about the benefits associated with more flexible HR polices. Companies have started to realize that the work and family life of employees are strongly tied to one another and cannot be separated (Crooker, 1995). So if employees of an organization are not satisfied with the HR policies of their company, it becomes extremely difficult for the organization to enjoy competitive advantage in the market (Berman & Jones, 1999). How can some company expect full productivity and attention from an employee who is sitting in his office but his mind is engaged in resolving the problems of his personal life. He is physical present on duty but mentally absent. Suppose a mother is working in an office as a software engineer and her small kid is at home with a nanny who is not very skillful in handling the babies. She doesn’t know how her baby is at home but she has to sit late in the office as a business routine, to resolve bugs in the system. How a company can expects the best possible output from such type of employees. It would have been better if company had arranged some baby sitters in the office so that workers can attend to their children and keep on doing their duty as well. There is very high probability that such arrangements will improve the performance and productivity of employees.

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