Essay on Importance of Operational Management

Essay on Importance of Operational Management
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Operational management is defined as the management of business activities in such a way to maximize the efficiency level of the business. It involves the conversion of raw materials into finished goods for the purpose of maximizing the profit of an organization. It is involved in the designing, structuring and managing the products or providing services in order to meet the customer’s expectations and demands. All the resources must be consumed in very timely and effective manner so that wastage of these resources can be avoided completely.

Operational management is of great importance for any organization. As it deals with each and every operation that is occurring in an organization so if the operations are being occurred in a best possible way then ultimately the organization might gain with it enormously. Operations management as the heart of any organization as it solely controls the complete system of operations. As marketing and finance are two completely different and individual fields, operations management is also a functional field that has its own managing responsibilities. A lot of important operations and processes are happening every time on an airport. These operations and activities must be closely supervised in order to deliver quality services to the customers.

Airport operations are very important with respect to maintaining the safety of the general public and the customers. The airport operations management must direct all the operations in such a way that the strategies that are executed to maintain safety are working properly.

In the given case, the major operations of the airport were to guarantee the safety of the customers and public and also preserve discipline. It was observed at the airport that the safety and ease of the customers were properly coped as many of the customers could relax and feel comfortable. Excessive rush at the airport made it unable for the cleaning staff to maintain the floor safety due to which one of the customers had to face slight injury but he was taken care of immediately and provided a wheelchair and given first aid. This demonstrates that the operations of the airport were carried out efficiently and properly. The customer service representatives at the airport were also very cooperative as they were guiding the customers accordingly with their queries. All the customers were managed brilliantly all the way through the airport. No difficulty was faced by any of the customers in any process like receiving baggage safely and on time.

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