Essay on Importance of Pharmacy In Healthcare

Essay on Importance of Pharmacy In Healthcare
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The Pharmacy is a healthcare profession that is part of all those who care for the health needs of the population. In the current state of development that medicine offers these days professionals and patients, medications are products that have proven ability to prevent, cure and/or ameliorate many diseases, their symptoms and their consequences and their consumption and use will not it is always innocuous and sometimes presents problems of effectiveness and safety, which is necessary vigilance. Precisely this social need, responds Pharmacy profession as a universal, integrated into the field of health and whose specific mission is to lead the correct use of medicines by society.

Today there is a constant debate about roles, responsibilities, and ethics of the various health professions. It is precisely within this context that pharmacists should assume their share of responsibility within the health system, in all that relates to pharmacotherapy and through the Pharmaceutical Care to respond to the current social need for better control, being the pharmaceutical the ideal professional to do.

The pharmacist ‘s role in the system of health care has been discussed in various global and since the Declaration of Alma-Ata Health for all by the year 2000 , conducted in 1990, the Declaration of Tokyo, to the most recent issued raised by the pharmaceutical strategy for the years 2004-2007, has insisted that the pharmacist actively engage with primary care strategy health and strengthen its position as specialist drugs in the health team, through the exercise of pharmaceutical Care, new philosophy of practice where the patient is the main beneficiary of the shares of the pharmaceutical. However, even the role of the pharmacist in the healthcare setting does not meet the needs of a consumer society of drugs, which has led in recent years the incidence of medication errors which have led to both patient deaths and hospitalizations. There is now a dire problem in healthcare urgently it requires expert care, prevention of morbidity and mortality related to drugs. It is when it becomes essentially important to know the social perception of patients and health professionals about the clinical performance of pharmacists, and show from qualitative perspective representations of these groups of people around this problem.

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