Essay: Important factors of education

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According to Aristotle, the factors should be considered in an education system are; human nature, habit and reason. According to him, repetition is the most important tool to cultivate habits in humans. This philosophy is still very apparent in the education systems all around the globe. There are a number of activities that are done repeatedly in schools in order cultivate a habit among the students. Aristotle emphasized on both the theoretical and practical aspects of the subjects taught and it can be seen in today’s educational system that students are encouraged to learn the practical aspects of the subjects as well. The purpose of education, in accordance with Aristotle, was to produce responsible and disciplined citizens (

Thus, it can be inferred that philosophies regarding education have been presented by philosophers thousands of years ago. The overall system of education all around the globe has been developed on the basis of these philosophies and the current theories of education are also based on such philosophies. Therefore, it can be said that the theories that are criticized by Egan are also developed from the philosophies of education presented by philosophers thousands of years ago.

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