Essay: Inability to Participate in Communal Activities

Essay: Inability to Participate in Communal Activities
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His inability to participate in communal activities, and even essential ones such as shopping, may have resulted to minimal interaction with family, friends and the community. Through social referencing, another key aspect of self-concept, Samuel questioned the likelihood of securing another job because of his fear of public opinion on his age and competence. The series of changes in self-concept show that Samuel’s personality was definitely altered during that period of time and probably for the rest of his life.

Samuel would most probably need to seek professional help to be able to cope and adapt to such changes. For a professional dealing with high conflict relationships and marriage, the first step towards dealing with such a case would be to understand the cause of the changes in Samuel’s life. In this light, he/she ought to know what kinds of changes were occurring in Samuel’s life. Having established all these, the age factor is also an important consideration. Personality changes in some people may have an adverse effect on their overall ability to establish and maintain a relationship with others. For, instance, it may have been impossible for Samuel to get into another relationship which would later lead to marriage.

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