Essay: An incident in the life of an American Citizen

Essay: An incident in the life of an American Citizen
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A resident of Chicago, Ronyale White tried calling 911 four times in 2002 when her husband was attempting to strangle her to death.  By the time the rescue team arrived they found Ronyale White dead on the floor. She was a silent proof of the failure of gun control. These stories have been many times repeated in the history of America especially in the state of Chicago. The ban imposed under the McDonald v. Chicago has led to a loss of many innocent lives as they do not have the permission to keep guns.

Gun control laws are hardly sustainable in America and have lost their support gradually. However U.S. Citizens also believe that restricted and limited gun controls should be imposed but ensured that they are being followed. The fact is, justice delayed is justice denied. And these bans, restrictions and wrongful convictions have led to a loss of many innocent lives. Numerous Ronyale Whites’ have suffered their right to possess a gun for their own safety is denied. Every day, armed gun owners successfully defend their lives all across the country. However, when we talk of lose control, at the same time we also hear miscellaneous stories of a shop owner killing an attacker; a thief lethally shot at a car wash; and a gun owner defending himself shot four attackers. If these people did not have guns, these cases would turn out differently. Guns save lives — the lives of the people who are law abiding.

Almost 38,000 have died as a result of gun crimes every year since 1990. This constitutes all crimes incumbent of suicides and homicides. How can one possibly open the minds of the U.S. Constitution with the progression of homicides, suicides, provoked attacks, thefts, and accidents that constantly plague American life? Apparently no one would go against the necessity of holding a gun.

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