Essay: Inclusion Programs in the United States

Essay: Inclusion Programs in the United States
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The inclusion program started in the United States after the controversial Supreme Court case:” Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka in 1954. Afterwards, numerous issues were raised regarding the equal protection of rights, focusing on the assurance of public education (Osgood, 2005). The legislation regarding the inclusion program started in 1975 when the Individual with Disabilities Education Act was born, this act worked on moving children with disabilities from segregated to general education classrooms (U.S Department of Education, 2004). Since the beginning of the program, educators have been divided on the subject matter. Many teachers are doubt the merits of students with disabilities being assigned to regular classes aside from their special education classrooms.

When the Inclusion Program was first proposed in 1992, the courts were very enthusiastic about the inclusion program when it was proposed. However, this enthusiasm was not shared by most teachers who are implementing the program in their schools. During that time, a poll of New York City teachers was conducted to assess the effectiveness of the inclusion program. The result of the survey showed that there were only three teachers who approved of the program out of the 126 respondents.  In July of 1993, a lawsuit was filed by teachers and parents in Baltimore City against school administrators for disregarding the needs of the students and teachers, who are implementing the full inclusion program. Those who favor the program, on the other hand, blame the school districts for their slow action in transferring students to regular classrooms (Class Wars: debate intensifies over “full inclusion”, 1993).

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