Essay: Indicators of the Alzheimer’s disease

Essay: Indicators of the Alzheimer’s disease
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The succession of Alzheimer’s disease is categorized into 3 stages:

  1. Forgetfulness,
  2. Confusional
  3. Dementia.

The first stage forgetfulness is signified by the disturbance in the short-term memory. At this stage, patients will frequently have difficulty recalling names of renowned people and will mislay objects on a usual basis (Hesdorffer & Mayeux, 1990). This stage may result in behavioral changes. In addition, a failure of impulsiveness and societal removal often occurs as the personality begins to develop a consciousness that there is a hereditary problem. Stammering and difficulty in understanding of certain matters may also come into view. Cleary, it is from time to time hard to differentiate an Alzheimer’s patient from ordinary people or those with other disorders (Frisoni, et al., 1999).

In the second stage, that is the Confusional stage, the mental weakening is more obvious and memory loss is much more prominent. Patients in this stage will frequently have difficulty identifying places they are in and sometimes even the dates and days are confused. Poor conclusions for other people are also among some of the obvious attributes at this situation and the patient’s behavior will likely alter to some level also.

Dementia being the third and final stages has its own significance. In dementia there is intense memory loss and deterioration of cognitive skills. Patients will often not identify their family members and lose their ability to comprehend as well. Ultimately, patients will be confined to bed as the functions of the brain collapse (Lyketsos et al, 2002).

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