Essay: Indirect Factors Contributing to Teen Pregnancy

Essay: Indirect Factors Contributing to Teen Pregnancy
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The use of drugs and alcohol by men in teenage years is also an indirect factor which complements pregnancy of under aged women. Alcohol generates a risky sexual behavior. Men who use drugs and alcohol are reviewed and examinations portray the levels of their sexual affection. The cautious nature of using contraceptives and having protected sex reduces since the senses don’t tend to work appropriately and lust overcome them, so chances of pregnancy rise in that case (Koch and McGeary).

As of the after effects of pregnancy, there are several conditions. An under aged individual is unaware of the facts of being a mother. The answer to the question of educational hindrance would be that a teenager prevailing with these circumstances would obviously drop out of school to avoid embarrassment. The vulnerability of a student in this form is high in terms of disrespect and suspension from the school. Usually fellow students harass the victim and teachers expel them. The conditions get worse when the body starts changing the shape and physical activities are reduced.
Psychological diversion and emotional disorder hinders the performance of a student and attention in the class is distracted.

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