Essay: Individuals with Disabilities Act

Essay: Individuals with Disabilities Act
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“Reactions to the inclusive movement have varied, often polarizing teachers, administrators, families, and advocacy groups. On one hand, inclusion opponents suggest that special education will become diluted and no longer “special.” They contend that general education is unprepared to meet the unique needs of students with disabilities and that inclusion is primarily a cost-cutting effort. Many think that the continuum of services requirements of the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA ’97) prohibits the identification of one location as appropriate for all students

(Hallahan, 1998).

On the other hand, inclusion supporters insist that students with disabilities have the legal right to be educated with typical peers in age-appropriate settings (Walther-Thomas, Korinek, McLaughlin, & Williams, 2000; Yell, 1998) and suggest that two separate educational systems have resulted in fragmented, artificial programs (Giangreco, Cloninger, Dennis, & Edelman, 1994; National Study of Inclusive Education [NSIE], 1994).

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