Essay: Ineffectiveness of Massive Advertising

Essay: Ineffectiveness of Massive Advertising
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Another approach that is taken is with regards to the ineffectiveness of massive advertising that is pointed out. It is argued that the plethora of ads and billboards that are present do make the effects of specific advertisements difficult to bring about but does not make it impossible.

This is because a shift in strategy with regards to advertising is required with the changing trends. If a sample of consumers is taken and asked to recall any number of adverts, many may balk at the task of fully remembering any single advertisement. This, however, can be explained through how the human mind processes. Theory points to the existence of what is termed as “two minds” (Cowen 2008). The first mind which is referred to as the gatekeeper is responsible for roughly ten percent of your buying behavior. The second mind accounts for the remaining ninety percent of the buying behavior and is what should be aimed for (Cowen 2008).

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