Essay: Infantry Mental Hygiene

Essay: Infantry Mental Hygiene
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Second, Homer has things to educate us about how fighters are psychologically hurt, that we mostly overlook now. Likewise, common evaluation practices get at the berserk state obscurely, if at all, through inquiries about nonmilitary violence. I accept that the berserk state irreversibly modifies the functioning of the berserker, and that no evaluation of a Veteran with critical PTSD is intact without very careful enquiry of berserk episodes and their precipitants. The Iliad furthermore has significances for infantry mental hygiene. (Schein, S. L. 1984)

Suppression of productive distress appears inexcusable to me. Obviously distress will not advance in the midst of hardworking battle where it would threaten every individual, but in another location it should be boosted and finished as a highly treasured part of the communal life of the unit, and not excessively medicalized. The Iliad flatly contradicts the concept that the rival should be degraded in alliance to battle well. It furthermore systematically bounds the battling capability of one’s own armed forces by boosting all ranks to underestimate the foe, which, being human is alert, inventive, flexible, stubborn, and courageous.

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