Essay: Influence on literary figures

Essay: Influence on literary figures
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In 1883 Friedrich Nietzsche released his magnum opus Thus Spoke Zarathustra, where of the revolutionary thesis that “God is dead” appeared (Nietzsche, 1992). From that time of Zarathustra the vintage everyday certainties of life begun to lose their certainty. World War I and World War II initiated deep decimation and a decrease of human supreme certainties and decisively conveyed about a world missing any unifying standard, a world senseless and disconnected with human life.

If one appreciates the non-attendance of sense, and this is the sign of the essence of the epoch, in which the Theatre of the Absurd is fixed, the world becomes irrational and the confrontation between the world and the human being who starts to be estranged from it arises here. Martin Esslin mentions Ionesco’s aligned notion of the absurdity: “Absurd is that which is devoid of purpose. …Cut off from his devout, metaphysical, and transcendental origins, man is lost; all his activities become senseless, absurd, and useless” (Nietzsche, 1992, p.9).

Albert Camus (1913-1960), a French novelist and essayist, who worked out the idea of absurdity and who furthermore directed this thesis in his scholarly writings, agreements with the absurd destiny of man and literally illustrates it with the famous very vintage myth of Sisyphus in his stimulating investigation The Myth of Sisyphus (Essif, 2001). Camus precedes into the difficulty what the absurdity is and how it arises. He furthermore presents the characteristics of human rudimentary ontological classes as the sentiments of “denseness” and “the strangeness of the world”, which are the sentiments of the Absurdity of man in a world where the downturn of devout conviction has deprived a man of his certainties (Cronin, 1996).

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