Essay: Information on Dell Company

Essay: Information on Dell Company
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Dell is one of the most prominent companies in the computer industry established in the year 1984 by Michael Dell. The company’s stocks are listed on NASDAQ 100 that represents 100 largest companies based on market capitalization. The company is the third-largest personal computer manufacturer that is offering the largest range of PCs, networking equipment, notebooks, software etc. The company works primarily in America but has extended sales market Asia Pacific and Europe (Data Monitor, 2009). However, the company’s earnings and market share have been slipping due to high component costs and tougher competition from its companies including HP Co. and Acer Inc. (Guglielmo, 2010).

Dell is listed under SIC Code # 3571, Electronic Computers and its major competitors are HP, Acer, and Toshiba. Currently, along with their major strengths and easily recoverable weaknesses, the company faces a number of opportunities which if explored can advance them towards growth and prosperity. These opportunities include:

  • Increasing their indirect revenue channels
  • The increasing demand for notebooks and laptops
  • Optimistic prospects of SaaS solutions
  • Increasing demand for virtualization

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