Essay: Information about social networking

Essay: Information about social networking
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They have successfully been able to become an essential part of the lives of many. As has been analyzed above, these networks hold significant disadvantages for people in terms encouraging spending more time on the workstation as compared to going out or speaking face to face with people around .

It also redefines the concept of friendship and in a sense devalues it, as friends come and go with the tap of a key and the click of a mouse button. Furthermore, there is the ever present danger of going distant from ones you know and not being able to develop essential social skills as one grow up, in the case of children. However, this has been seen in contrast to the massive gains in terms of socializing these networks provide. They allow interaction with people from diverse backgrounds and in a world that moves fast, it allows time to spare to catch up with ones you know. It also provides an avenue for similar minded people to come together, as in the case of gurgle, and discuss issues which could lead to real life friendships.

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