Essay: Advances in Information System Security

Essay: Advances in Information System Security
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This essay discusses advances in information system security.

Intrusion Detection Systems

With the advancement in information technology, the requirements of information system security have become more stringent. A simple architecture of an organization’ network with a firewall and a router does not provide sufficient level of network security as in the current information ages, vulnerabilities are discovered and exploited much quickly then they were few years ago.

Hence, researches in information technology has allowed for the development of a system which could detect a security compromise and alert relevant personnel even if other devices or system have been compromised. These systems are called Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS). An IDS works by monitoring network or system for malicious activities and policies violation. It uses different techniques such as pattern matching or heuristic in order to identify rogue activities in a system or network traffic and can issue alert or perform a set of pre-determined activities in order to stop the activity and to minimize the damage to organization’s Information systems (Frincke).

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