Essay: Information Systems for an Information Age

Essay: Information Systems for an Information Age
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The age in which humans live today is the modern age of information and technology or more specifically Information Technology itself. The use of computers and internet has immensely grown to the extent where human interactions are overshadowed by the means of communication and knowledge provided by the machines. Information systems have developed the ‘ease’ for mankind, increasing every aspect, but reducing the time to communicate with anything. This paper is going to assist in identifying the key points about the age of information that is underpinned on information and its systems to build the new age.

Information Systems for an Information Age

The age of information is the age of change. Information systems though, are still used commonly in order to lever schedule operation tasks like payroll and billing mechanisms. However, technology has progressed making today’s information systems even more authentic and efficient. Management information systems can be of assistance in many stages. For instance, they can be helpful in the operations, i.e. where the effort gets prepared. They can assist in the tactical and strategic stage where arrangement and policies are devised. The management’s incapability to recognize the supremacy and boundaries of information technology comes out as the stoppage to build up a flourishing information system (Luftman, 2003)

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