Essay: Infra Red technology

Essay: Infra Red technology
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Another popular medium for short range communication is Infra Red technology. This makes use of short range wireless infra red signals to allow communication between various devices. Using this technology, data can be transferred from one computer to another and files can be interchanged. The devices require Light Emitting Diodes to transmit infra red signals to a photodiode which detects the short bursts of light impulses and then interprets them to receive information (Kaine-Krolak).

These transmitting and receiving ports are usually attached at the back end of devices. Computer networks can be created using infra red technology, though these are usually temporary in nature and mostly need based. The range of infra red active devices is very small and the devices usually have to be within a few feet of each other. Their signals can not penetrate walls and for two devices to communicate with each other, they need to be in direct line of sight. The networks with infra red technology can support data at 115 Kbps, 1.15 Mbps and a maximum of 4 Mbps depending on whether slow speed, medium speed or high speed local networks are employed (Kaine-Krolak).

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