Essay: An Instructor Guide: Purchasing Stock

Essay: An Instructor Guide: Purchasing Stock
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Using Dick and Carey instructional model, there are 8 steps that need to be followed and the learner will be able to make the wisest decision on the best mutual fund or stock to purchase. In the first step, identifying instructional goals, the leaner will be able to buy the mutual fund. The objective is to know everything about mutual funds. The learners will be able to differentiate different mutual types giving benefits and costs of each.

In the second step, conducting instructional analysis and identifying entry behaviors, the learners will achieve all necessary skills and knowledge pertaining the stock exchange market. These include all types of mutual funds and stock available in the market as well as their face value and other benefits associated with each. All the characteristics of the learners need to be identified and especially the prior knowledge the learners have on mutual funds. The already known skills and knowledge about mutual fund with help the instructor know where to begin the instruction session.

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