Essay: Intelligence in Dogs

Essay: Intelligence in Dogs
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Intelligence in dogs is close to being as sharp as a sword with dual edges. Border Collies are capable of learning multiple tricks at a time and they can intensify their vocabulary and responsiveness to communication; “phonology (new sound combinations), morphology (new words), syntax (new sentences)” (Vajda, 2006). But this intelligence can also lead to negative learning. Having a smart dog means waging a constant logical conflict with your dog, trying to outwit them as they build out each step of progression before the step you take. Trying to imprison a Border Collie can be a tough job. As soon as you get a gate to obstruct them they will already be ready to learn how to jump over it, push it, or open the doorknobs.

Unlike these farm dogs, German Shepherds on the other hand are known as working dogs. They are blunt, do not fear and are eager to learn amidst their alertness. They are known for their brevity, courage, cheerfulness, obedience and eagerness. Apart from these traits they are known for their wonderful faithfulness and valor. This breed is very confident not irrational, not at all aggressive, very serious and cent per cent like a human in its intelligence. They have a high level of learning. “Humans possess a natural, inborn facility to be creative with symbols; as far as we know, animals do not” (Vajda, 2006). They are very attached to their families (who own them) and cannot tolerate strangers. Isolation is not possible for a German shepherd and will bark only when they have to. Their intelligence makes them highly protective and aggression or wild attacks are on humans are a result of mal-breeding, malnutrition and harsh trainings. Coercive or angry training does not succeed well with these dogs. Due to their excessive intelligence, this breed is capable of learning fast and thus can perform tasks that of a sheepdog, guard dog, military dog, sniffing dog, blind’ companion dog, search, fire rescue and  military.

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