Essay: Intelligence Testing

Essay: Intelligence Testing
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“The milestones in the evolution of intelligence are the emergence from instinctive reactions and the appearance of conceptual thought.” (Viaud, 1960)

Dogs are loved and known for their intelligence. This mental intelligence is articulated accordingly in different breeds. Border Collies are well-known for their aptitude and willingness to follow their master’ commands, while most of the other breeds may not show so much willingness to obey their owner. However they would rather use their intelligence and agility in planning ways to steal their food or run away in and out of the backyard. Being extremely flexible animals, dogs themselves learn to do various tasks as taught by humans who own them over long periods of time. Dogs can perform different roles all over the world; search, drug sniffing, tracking, guarding, sled-pulling, blind’s companion, hunting, being some of these roles.

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