Essay: Intensive Aftercare Programs

Essay: Intensive Aftercare Programs
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Other treatments include the functional family therapy, Wrap-Around Milwaukee, Multidimensional Treatment Foster Care, Intensive Aftercare Program, Mode Deactivation Therapy and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America (BBBSA). All of which in combination have been proven to be effective enough in lowering the regression rate for these juveniles by 25 to 80 percent (Underwood, von Dresner, & Phillips, 2006).

The BBBSA is unique for its use of volunteers as role models for these juveniles. These volunteers help steer youths away from the destructive behaviors which made them criminals in the first place. In my opinion, this program along with the Intensive Aftercare Program best serves the interests of juveniles being released into society. The intensive aftercare program helps juveniles reintegrate into society by providing a framework through which they can effectively avoid any negative outcomes (Underwood, von Dresner, & Phillips, 2006).

Both these programs are geared towards preventing recession of offenders back into their old habit and provide outlets for them to take responsibility towards becoming productive members of society.

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