Essay: The Interdimensional Conflicts in the Films

Essay: The Interdimensional Conflicts in the Films
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The inter- dimensional conflicts seeded in the beginning of the film provide a basis by which not only the do the characters establish the directions their relationships are taking, but also how certain moments in the moments in the film interspersed with the attacks provide a much deeper meaning than initially realized. An example of this can be seen when Melanie is trapped helplessly in the car with Lydia who by this point as evolved from a needy, over protective woman with a desire for control to a more maternal figure (Trevenen). Although Hitchcock’s films usually create a connection between the audience and one of the main characters. Here the connection is non specific since there is no single victim whom the events of the film affect (Weis).

The narrative reflects Hitchcock’s statements which were previously quoted in this essay regarding the loss of control in society and its effects on those who thrive on the need for artificial control over their lives. This narrative is part of Hitchcock’s camera in stylo or creative voice which shines through despite the inherent white noise which is a part of the filmmaking process. Hitchcock’s mechanisms to create suspense within his audience, as well as his exploration of the human psyche are as unique, as it is rich in its complexity. In The Birds particularly Hitchcock’s exploration of the inability of man to act in dire or dangerous situations is taken to the point of paralysis in the case of the main protagonist as she struggles with the trauma she has experienced in her past (Sterritt p.18).

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