Essay: Interface of Packet Tracer

Essay: Interface of Packet Tracer
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When considering the suitability as a training tool, the ease to use interface of Packet Tracer makes it a very good candidate for students. The devices that can be selected for simulation in Packet Tracer appear as real as they would be in reality. This also helps the students in remembering what a particular device may look like. Furthermore, each device can be interacted with. They can be switched on and off and can be expanded using additional slots available, similar to how it would happen in reality.

The experience of interacting with the device itself is an additional boost for the student which increases his or her confidence when it comes to using the device in real life. Furthermore, the information that is displayed in Packet Tracer is also in a format that is easy to understand even for a beginner (Cisco Systems, 2009). OPNET, on the other hand, offers a lot of flexibility in the way network can be simulated; hence, the interface is suited for this need. This means, that beginners can get confused at the start due to the number of options available, hence its use requires some time for familiarization with the interface which doesn’t make it suitable as a training tool (OPNET Technologies, 2009).

When it comes to how packet finds their way and travel through the data network, Packet Tracer providing detailed information of not only device configurations but also about the data as it travels through various segments of the network.  However, it does not document the dynamics of the environment in which the network functions, hence the behavior of the network is more or less like it would behave in an ideal condition (Cisco Systems, 2009). OPNET, however, can simulate the dynamics of the channels in a wireless environment as well, making it much more versatile (OPNET Technologies, 2009).

Since all the devices available to be used in Packet Tracer have limited options available, hence the flexibility and functionalities that they offer are limited. Furthermore, these devices are mostly used in wired networks, in which the condition of communication channels does not change much. This makes Packet Tracer only suitable for the design of small to medium wired networks where advanced networking technologies are not used (Cisco Systems, 2009). On the other hand, OPNET Modeler offers a comprehensive set of tools which can be used to not only simulate the behavior of a networking device in a complete way, but it also allows for modeling of the environment in which the network is present. Hence, all types of network, wired or wireless as well as small or terrestrial, can be simulated along with the simulated dynamics of the environment in which they will operate, thus producing realistic results and making OPNET an excellent choice for a comprehensive network design tool (OPNET Technologies, 2009).

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