Essay: Interface to CL Language and Advantages

Essay: Interface to CL Language and Advantages
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It offers more versatility and options than the system interface and utilities. These utilities tend to restrict the flexibility that is offered by iSeries and CL language does away with this restriction to offer maximum control over system functions. However, this has made the screen of the iSeries system more complex. Using the iSeries user-friendly approach, CL language tries to use a common naming convention for all its CL commands.

That is, each command can be broken down into a maximum of three parts, with each part having three characters. The three parts are called command verb, adjective, and object. The command verb describes the function to be performed, while the command adjective and object describe the object on which the function will be performed. All CL commands can be classified on the basis of verb and object. They can also be categorized into groups that deal with files, libraries or messages. iSeries provides another way to with CL language beside typing in the command, and that is by using menus. These menus can be called up by using GO command, the name of a group of command and pressing F4.For example, if you type GO MAJOR and press F4, the iSeries will display all major groups of command. Many CL commands require parameters which can be specified in three ways; with keywords, on prompt screen or according to the position. When a command is typed and F4 pressed, one or more screens are displayed, listing parameters that can be supplied with the command. For each parameter space is provided and pressing ENTER will execute the command with correct keywords in proper order. When using command prompts, if all parameters are not displayed, pressing F10 will display all parameters except for conditional parameters, which are shown on the basis of the values specified for other parameters. Pressing F9 will display all parameter available for a particular command.

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