Essay: Internal Business Process Perspective at Wells Fargo

Essay: Internal Business Process Perspective at Wells Fargo
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Even though objectives such as service recognition, value, and excellence are characteristically positioned in the internal process perspective, businesses need to make sure that strategic objectives are well supporting the business in order for it to differentiate among others in the marketplace. For a business achieving objectives entailing cost and quality are more important.

These are the objectives on the basis of which a business competes in the market in order to achieve excellence. The first step to endure is position of customer familiarity, whereas service will preponderate for the final step (Kaplan & Norton, 1996).

Wells Fargo has been the leading point in electronic banking and has put into practice a Balanced Scorecard strategy in its financial services group online. This has enabled them to deliberately prioritize a collection of new plans.

Wells Fargo’s vision is “to satisfy all our customers’ financial needs, help them succeed financially, and become known as one of America’s great companies and the number one financial services provider in each of our markets.” (Global, 2000)

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