Essay: International Trade Dimension

Essay: International Trade Dimension
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Before the product is taken global, there is a vast array of international trade dimensions which are strategically crucial for a company to make a global entry. These dimensions are political, cultural, economic and social (Rugman, Hodgetts, 3rd Edition, p.116). There is a huge depth in all these areas for instance if we take culture would it be acceptable for Chinese to have a hamburger in breakfast? Is it a good global strategy to stretch Bob Evans’ sausages line to India? Certainly not, because there are cultural barriers that come into play and cultural perspective is mostly an uncompromising variable in global societies.

In the case of Bob Evans global venture, Sausages are the best to be taken globally. Strategically, the product line of Bob Evans’ sausages is enriched with different varieties and for the country where the preferred choice in breakfast meal is sausages, it is the Best idea to deliver what you are specialized in making. Sausages are usually taken in breakfast meal; therefore, it has to be very distinct in its recipe, taste, size and other characteristics. Besides considering the aspects of international business to enter a global market, there are product oriented issues as well which should be addressed simultaneously with the issues of the global venture.

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