Essay: Internet Infrastructure

Essay: Internet Infrastructure
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Difficulties in using the Internet for Private Business

The most difficult task for businesses which use the Internet to provide connectivity to its clients is the security of the system through which service is provided. An Internet-based site or application is usually the prime target of crackers who conducts these attacks using a variety of method, in order to fulfill their motive (Stallings, 2008).  Further complexity is added by the fact that these crackers discover new vulnerabilities in the operating systems (especially Windows) and applications and exploits them to compromise security, causing the owner organization significant loss (NIST – Information Technology Lab, 2006).

This raises another difficulty that the once these vulnerabilities are discovered more and more attacks will be carried out trying to exploit, so they need to be patched very quickly. Operating system often contains a large number of vulnerabilities which remain unknown to companies unless a cracker exploits them. Hence, patching of all these vulnerabilities would take up resources constantly and it would be very difficult to gain a system which can be called impenetrable (Stallings, 2008).

Another difficulty that the companies having access to Internet face is protecting themselves from viruses and worms attacks. There have been many cases on the Internet, where even the firewall was unable to stop attacks (for example through emails received from the Internet). Once these viruses and worms get going, they have the capabilities to bring much of IT infrastructure to its knees (Cisco Systems, 2009). With reference to ING Case study that has been provided, ING faces the same difficulties that have been mentioned in the lines above. The use of web server by ING is a significant security flaw as a web server is the most visible part of the company on the internet. In addition, providing security through web browser Applets have always been very difficult, as web browsers can be used by anybody (Jost & Cobb, 2002).

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