Essay: Internet Protocol

Essay: Internet Protocol
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a) IP Assignment Process

In order to obtain an IP, 4 types of messages are exchanged between the newly arrived client and the DHCP server. When the client joins a network, it searches for the available DHCP server by broadcasting DHCP discovery messages. These messages are actually UDP packets with a destination address of or the specific broadcast address of the subnet.

The client uses its hardware address as the destination address for messages to be routed to it. When the DHCP server receives this message, it reserves an IP address from its IP pool, for the client and replies back with a DHCP offer message. This message contains the IP address of the server, hardware address of the client, the IP address server is assigning to the client and its lease duration. For cases, where the client receives DHCP offer packets from multiple DHCP servers but can accept only one, the client then broadcasts a DHCP request message to inform all DHCP servers of the choice it has made from

Exchange of Messages between DHCP Client and Server

received DHCP offer messages and to acknowledge that an offer has been received and accepted. Upon receiving the DHCP request message, all DHCP servers except the chosen one withdraw their request and return the reserved IP address to their available IP pool. When the chosen DHCP server receives the DHCP offer message from the client, it sends a DHCP acknowledgment message back to the client, completing the IP assigning process. This message contains the duration of the IP lease and any other configuration process the client has requested (Lowe 2008).

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