Essay: Internet speed and Credibility

Essay: Internet speed and Credibility
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Accessibility speed of a web page depends on the internet connection speed a user has. More sophisticated web content cannot fully entertain a user due to a connection loss or other technical problems.  But today the internet has transformed from dial-up to wireless, designers may use high quality animations, graphics, themes and flash elements to satisfy a user. Flash content is visually appealing and can be better surfed with a normal internet speed (Web Design 2010).

The major challenged facing the web designers and hosting crew is the credibility of web content. This content includes articles, information, patents, visuals etc. According to a study a credibility that is presumed, reputed and is surfaced have a stronger impact on undergraduate students than on graduate students in credibility assessment (Ziming, Xiaobin 2005). As the primary focus of MarketNet is CQU students from a marketing background, it is very important to care for the credibility and ownership of a content mentioned above. It is also found that graduate students value experienced credibility much more than the undergraduates. On the contrary, undergraduate students focus more on sources of information such as: author’s credibility, reputation, studies, college etc. a web designer and sources must take both ends into consideration as graduate students emphasize more on the accuracy and quality of information.

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