Essay: Interpretation of Media and Critics

Essay: Interpretation of Media and Critics
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This was termed as the modern “Ship of Fools” which has as its graphic foundation, namely from the “Medusa” by Gericault (The Raft of George W. Bush, 2009). The characters depicted in this photograph are George W. Bush sitting and wandering in his own majestic ideas which are in the shape of tiny light bulbs. George W. Bush is also unskilled, who attained his president ship out of goodwill and treachery, instead of statesmanship. As official and leader, he is a man of no respect, a leader who utilized admired discrimination, sham declarations and promises in turn to put on and seize authority for himself. Both the commander of Medusa and George W. Bush are killers.

Moving on to the photograph, we see one of Bush’ hand lies on the breast of Condoleezza Rice. She is considered to be the authoritative woman who is just a good speaker and dressed in excellent clothes all the time. Near him, stands Barbara Bush, his mother who is gazing at the light which is actually the parable of liberalism and democracy. “The vice-president and his wife are shown as an operatic star and diva straining to proselytize their doctrines in song. Barbara Bush is tied to a mast. She holds a sun-reflector under her chin-representing her joy in basking in the sunlight of power yet always looking like “The Quaker Oats Man”” (Storck, 2002).

Beneath her sits Donald Rumsfeld who is Defense Secretary trampled by the Iraqi catastrophe. Colin Powell wears the headdress of glory in the military class and the dollar image strives for, after deceitfully addressing the world at the UN. Powell is shown to be conveying to Bush that they have to salvage.

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