Essay: Interpretative Criticism

Essay: Interpretative Criticism
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It seems apparent that the artist was attempting to comment on the relatively small amount of progress made during the Gold Rush in comparison to the environmental damage caused by the settlers. There is also a sense of containment for the individual, as his surrounding attempt to box him in to prevent further damage to his surroundings. In fact, the wave which lands on the shore as he is walking seems to have particularly menacing yet peaceful characteristics.

Evaluative Criticism

In many ways, the structure of the picture seems to link perfectly with its subject matter. The photographic level of detail certainly brings the feeling of utter isolation. The loss of details on the individual is key in this case since there is no connection with the subject in the picture only the environment. The only improvement I would suggest is the removal of the boat in the distance, since it seems tacked on and not at all fitting with the rest of the environment.

Pack Horses Overlooking Ocean

The second piece that I am going to critique is called “Pack Horses Overlooking Ocean” by the artist Alexander Edouart (1818-1892) (Edouart, Pack Horses Overlooking Ocean).

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