Essay: Introduction of Computers

Essay: Introduction of Computers
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How Has The Gathering Of Information About Individuals And Its Use Changed With The Introduction Of Computers, And What Developments Seem Likely In The Near Future?


In the earlier days, paper media and personal interaction with the television were the only sources of information about famous personalities, political figures, celebrities and worthy people; with the emergence of computers, everything seems to have changed significantly. Common PC is a must-have at home, whether its children, teenagers, adults or even in some cases old-aged people too – computers have become a part of everyone’s daily digital life. Information regarding anything, from a needle to the airbus, is available just a click away.

Business solutions based on computers are here to look after all the management as well; humans tend to run it only. Social networking, link building, email internet marketing are one of the largest sources of advertising and promotion round the globe.

But every luxury has its pros and cons, so as the computer. In this paper the change brought by computers into the culture and society will be elaborated and further developments are going to be discussed.

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