Essay: Introduction of HSPA

Essay: Introduction of HSPA
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High-Speed Packet Access (HSPA) is the evolution of 3rd generation mobile communications standard known as UMTS, and enables the transmission of high-speed data from a UMTS network, without any physical change to the network structure. HSPA has been developed by 3GPP (Third Generation Partnership Program), which is a collaboration of groups of telecom associations from around the world.

HSPA introduces changes at the physical and logical layer of the WCDMA Release 99 standard. It adds several new key technologies such as the inclusion of a shared downlink channel, an advanced scheduler, link adaptation mechanism as well as new modulation schemes to support high data rates. It provides a much more cost-effective way to bring in new services such as transmission of high-quality multimedia contents, for existing UMTS network operators around the world. The latest version of HPSA called HSPA+ (or evolved HSPA) supports maximum data rates of 42 Mbps on the downlink and 22 Mbps on the uplink with the help of MIMO antennas(GSM Association, 2009).

Architectural Difference


With regards to architecture, the HSPA standard does not specify any new addition to the architecture specified for UMTS. That is because it merely changes the access network technology of WCDMA Release 99 standard and only requires operators to upgrade their equipment firmware in order to migrate from UMTS to HSPA standard. However, HSPA has made compatible with previous HSPA version and also WCDMA Release 99, so the mobile equipment using that standard will keep on working fine even after the network has been upgraded to HSPA (Ericsson, 2009).

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