Essay: Introduction to Dell Inc.

Essay: Introduction to Dell Inc.
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Dell Inc. was established in 1984 in the US and it’s headquarter is located in Round Rock, Texas (Dell, 2009). Dell Inc. and its subsidiaries mainly deal in the technology oriented products (MSN Money, 2009). The company mainly does all the most important jobs in designing, manufacturing, and marketing of its products. Key products are personal computers and their software’s, big servers and networking equipment and mobility products like laptops etc (Yahoo Finance, 2009).

It also provides hosting services and storage facility to its clients. Some important software products of Dell are the business application, security and entertainment software’s, televisions, computer accessories and digital cameras etc (MSN Money, 2009). The company divides its geographical locations into four regions: first is the America’s Commercial, second is Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) Commercial, third is Asia Pacific-Japan (APJ) Commercial and the fourth area is Global Consumer (Dell, 2009). During the recent years, the Dell acquired many other companies like a Networked Storage Company, MessageOne, Inc. and the Allin Corporation which was a Microsoft IT consulting and solutions section (Dell, 2009). Main customers of the company are……

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